About us


Since 2011 we organize innovation events in cooperation with educational institutes, business, and government. One such event is the Innovation in a Week, with an average of 60 participating students per edition. In November 2012 we organized the first edition of Innovation in a Week in an educational institute, at Avans in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Enthusiasm was high and the innovative approach of working in multidisciplinary teams with professionals from businesses led us to receive the Avans innovation award in 2013. Link to the video nomination Avans innovation award.


Since 2013 we have been organizing Innovation in a Week at least twice per year. Involved educational institutes are HAS University of Applied Cciences, Avans University of Applied Sciences, KW1C, ROC de leijgraaf, and Helicon. Participation in the event is only suitable for above-average students who have a demonstrable interest in entrepreneurship and innovation. A selection process with test for entrepreneurship and innovative thinking ability is part of the process.


New activities

In 2015 we started to further develop our expertise. In March a new business activity was established: Talent mediation. And of course with a focus on students and recent graduates with a passion for entrepreneurship and innovation. As well as with companies that offer new business business opportunities and are looking for know-how, capacity, and experience, in formulating and implementing new business challenges.


Two new types of innovation events were held in April: Innovation in a Day, and the first edition of Hackathon Den Bosch. Innovation in a day was held for 15 PhDs at Strijp-S. The first edition of Hackathon Den Bosch was organized at the Innovation in a Week HomeBase. Over 40 ICT and Business participants from various businesses, educational institutes and government participated in this successful first edition.


In 2017 we launched a new formula for MBO: Hackathon Masters for MBO. Together with ROC locations De leijgraaf, KW1C, Summa College, and Ter Aa we organized a four day long hackathon for 2nd and 3rd year developers. 48 application developers participated in this first edition. This formula was expanded upon in 2018, with mboRijnland from Leiden joining the Hackathon Masters for MBO. Another new addition is the inclusion of ICT- and network management students, who work on a concrete assignment from a business venture in a joint project.


Over 1000 students and professionals from MBO / HBO, and WO programs have participated in over 30 innovation events. Interested in our approach? Feel free to contact us.

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